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LED Shoebox Light

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We are a dedicated provider of high quality lighting products. Our main goal is to offer the led shoebox light for the customers with a vast selection of lighting incentive programs and energy efficient lighting products. Our light fixtures will help you to save up to 70% energy savings than compared to normal metal halide or high pressure sodium fixtures. With the durability of led technology, our led lights are lowering the complete maintenance costs. Our shoebox lights can offer a most efficient way to light up the area with simple. It also blends the classic design with resourcefulness.

Our varieties of shoebox lights are versatile and can fit into current lighting fixtures. Now we offer this light in a countless of wattages ranged from 50 watts to 480 watts. To install this led shoebox fixture; our professional will come to your place and fix it immediately. Our basic goal is to support the commercial clients to save money and energy by using the effective and safe led lighting for their amenities. We also attempt to educate our clients with the genuine information on led lighting and also guide you how to convert from their traditional style lights to LED. We give one on one support to support you buy the perfect product for your use.

Since, we have been in this business and provide led products that are highly effective and reliable with the best engineered. We not only focus on new fixture solutions and also recommend the solution that best fits your different needs. Our led products are highly effective that run cool and also last longer. We also take some time to ensure your light is glowing perfectly. We also ensure our customers to do installation and warranty support as well. Our dynamic idea is to provide the reliable, sturdy and most effective products to our clients. Above all, we ensure that all our products are DLC qualified, highest efficiency and education support to sales. Whether you want a new fixture, our led shoebox light is the best possible solution that will surely meet your needs.